2017 Team Standings

Weights are figured from the top eight tournaments of the season.

Last updated 4/17/17

PlaceTeamTotal Lbs.Tournaments
1Lineweaver/ Hassler72-7.3510
2Poston/ Garrison68-12.59
3Funkhouser/ Funkhouser63-38
4Stevens/ Twigg53-710
5Shipe/ Olsen51-9.58
6McCumbee / Horner51-3.56
7Burrier/ Loy43-2.810
8Simmons/ Hipkins46-89
10Apperson/ Sutphen41-9.37
12Lescallett/ Hutson27-5.58

Teams must fish a minimum of 7 tournaments to be qualified for The Classic.


BIGGEST Smallmouth Fish of 2017

4 lbs. 1.5 oz. by Jerry and Terry Lalcit @ Lockes 5-13-17

BIGGEST Smallmouth BAG of 2017

13 lbs. 10 oz. by James Apperson & Jeromy Sutphin @ Lockes 5-13-17

IF you think a weight is incorrect on any given week or that your weight may not have been assigned to your team, let Dan know so that we can fix it and be sure our numbers are accurate. Thanks, Bruce.