Riverton 03/05/2017

1st place

Stevens/ Weist 6lbs.

2nd Place

Poston/ Garrison - 5lbs 15oz.

Third Place

Lineweaver/ Hassler 3lbs. 7.5oz.

Big Fish

Lineweaver 3lbs. 7.5oz.

PlaceTeam# FishBig FishTotal Weight
1Stevens/ Wiest2 3lbs. 5oz.6lbs.
2Poston/ Garrison32lbs. 9.5oz.5lbs. 15 oz.
3Lineweaver/ Hassler13lbs. 7.5oz.3lbs. 7.5oz.
4Kline/ Russel21lb. 9oz.3lbs. 2oz.
5Funkhouser/ Funkhouser13lbs. 1.5oz. 3lbs. 1.5oz.
6Simmons/Hipkins22 lbs. 8 oz.
7Burrier/ Loy11lbs. 12oz.
7Curbin/ Williams Jr. 11lbs. 12oz.
9Clatterbuck/ Clegg51lbs. 8.5oz.
Slawson/ Slawson
R. Williams/ C. Williams
Kirby/ Kirkner
Smith/ Santos
Jackson/ Heller
Lescahert/ Hutson
Thompson/ Dyke
Shipe/ Olsen
Quince/ Stores
Burner/ Coleman
Apperson/ Sutphew
Ford/ Colt
Heflen/ Cooper

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