2019 Team Standings

Weights are figured from the top ten tournaments of the season.

BIG BAG OF THE YEAR  : Wines & Poston  22.12 lbs

BIG LARGE MOUTH :  Wines & Poston  10.12 lbs

BIG SMALL MOUTH  Russell. Kline 5.3 lb SM

PlaceTeam# FishBig FishTotal Weight
1Wines Poston Helsley6-8-210.12 lb LgM ***
4.3 lb SM ***
106.12 lbs
2McCumbee Horner Vanmeter9-8-16.10 lb LgM99.3.5 lbs
3Hassler Lineweaver Burner6-8-24.12 lb LgM88.11.5 lbs
4Funkhouser Funkhouser8-65.11.5 lbs LgM82.6.5 lbs
5Loy Burrier7-95.1 lb LgM78. 8 lbs
6Lescalleet Saville74. 1.5 SM66. 15.5 lbs
7Hipkins Stevens73.10 lb LgM65 .4.5 lbs
8Mills Harbaugh6-451. 4.5 lbs
9Kirby Meres66. 7.5 lb LgM42.6.5 lbs
10Nance Simmons Simmons4-5-14. 6.5 lb LgM39.4 lbs
11Williams Miller33. 11.5 lb LgM34. 13.5 lbs
12Hillyard Martin34. 14.5 lb LgM33.8 lbs
13Simmons Weller Simmons3-2-14.11 lb LgM31. 11.5 lbs
14Apperson Sutphin35.14 lb LgM29. 14.5 lbs
15Peterson Hudson

62. 11.5 lb SM32.9 lbs
16Russell Kline35.3 lb SM26.1 lbs
17Corbin Starnes222.0 lbs
18Hansberger Oates418.1 lbs
19Shipe Olsen Sanner7-8-13. 2.5 lb SM26.13 lbs
20Canoles Canoles
34. 8.5 lb LgM15.3 lbs
21Callahan Callahan Callahan2-1-110. 1.5 lbs
22Ford Conner12.3 lb10. 0.5 lbs
23Millburn Hutzel15. 3.5 lbs
24Shifflet Shifflet Baker2-1-14.14 lbs

Shives Stotler1

4.12 lbs
26 Weist Puffenberger23. 9.5 lbs
27Brannon Robinson3-23. 1.5 lbs
28Williams Minter12.6 lbs
29Dreisback Nichols20
30Whorton Hensley10
31Gatrell Massie10
32Heller Jackson20
Wines PostonBig Smallmouth for Year4.3 lbs
Wines PostonBig Largemouth for Year10.12 lbs
Wines PostonBig Bag of Year22.12 lbs